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Mission: This website was created primarily to bridge the gap that I have with those that I know. My life is constantly on the move, and with all this movement I tend to loose track of a lot of people. I have friends and family in five of the seven continents and this website creates a window for them to see what's new in my life, as well as a medium for them to contact me if they need or wish to. I try to keep the site updated with current pictures so that it reflects our lives relatively as they currently are. This website also serves these purposes for people that surround me, Heather (of course), but also people that I serve and train with.

Secondly, as a soldier and martial artist, I have also designed this page to display information on the military, martial arts, weapons, training, firearms, and other fields. The intent of this is to share with other warriors, enthusiasts, and the general public, who lack the most basic of knowledge about who we are and what we do, yet play such a critical weight with their baseless opinion. I have also created a few pages with a few basic lessons that I have learned in the twenty-so years in the martial arts. Although the lessons are martial arts related, the principles apply to our lives as a whole. 

Thirdly, this website was designed for our own pleasure and amusement. You will find a lot of content that we've designed just to be ridiculous and funny. Please keep in mind not to take things personally. Sometimes the nature of our job has us "hurrying up to wait". Such times are the source of some of the best content of this site.


Classified Information note: Sad as it is to write this, our country is engaged in a world-wide struggle against armed deadly factions. Regardless of your opinions about the war, the fact of the matter is that we have American troops on the ground in various countries around the world, engaged in a serious and deadly struggle. Men (and women) fight and die in unnamed wadis and mud fields, fire bases and roads all over the world. Just like we have intelligence agencies that are in charge of tracking our enemies down, our enemies also monitor the media, and WHAT YOU HEARD THAT YOU ARE REPEATING. Believe it or not foreign intelligence agents are nabbed every year in our very communities. Military families and friends; I understand that your soldier's deployment is a big deal to the whole family and other friends, but you must understand that when your soldier gives you details about an upcoming operation he or she is trusting you with such details, they are not necessarily giving you this information for you to break their trust by telling everyone you know. By all means tell your family and friends that your soldier is deploying, but THINK about this: what would the enemy, especially a terrorist enemy, do with this information that I am spreading? Often times the problem is not, whether you can trust the person that you are telling, but the person(s) that they are going to tell, perhaps even people that you don't know. How many details that affect the life and death of your soldier do you want them to know? When you put out information out there you must ensure that it stays within need to know circles, and that it does not contain information that you do not have to be specific with. If your soldier is giving you information, feel free to ask him or her what you can or cannot tell other people. All military personnel are told the level of security that they have to have with the information that is put out to them. Even if they are stupid enough to put their own lives and lives of their brothers at risk by telling you, you shouldn't follow suit and help them harm themselves.

Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors, Marines, and Guardsmen: OPSEC begins with you. You must ensure that your families understand what information is secret and what is not. If you are opening your stupid big mouth and sharing information that could be used to help the enemy prepare where you are going, you are just dumb. I don't know if you've ever looked down at one of your soldiers killed in an ambush, but I promise you: It will haunt you for the rest of your days. Enough said.



Frequently asked questions regarding this site:
Why do you have a web site? -I live far from my family and friends and this web site is intended to give them an insight into my life to maintain closeness.
I think you are eccentric. Why are most pictures of you? -Did you read the previous question and answer?
What the hell is a Kalimadragon? -The name "Kalimadragon" is a fictional nickname that I have since high school. I wrote a book once that featured an evil dragon god named "Kalima".  I've been using the name for several years.
What do you intend to gain from having a web site? -Nothing
Aren't you scared that someone is going to use the information in this web site to harm you? -No.
How long have you had this web site? -I've had a web site since 1996. The original web site was hosted by yahoo. In 2002 it was moved to it's own domain at www.kalimadragon.com.
Is this a martial arts page or a page about you? -It's both, or whatever I want it to be.
Who hosts this page? -This page is hosted by www.godaddy.com.
Who maintains this site? -I do. Or in certain cases I might designate other people to run things while I am away.
Does this web site have any commercial purposes? -No
How often is this web site updated? -This web site is updated as my life evolves, and as I have free time.
What's up with that Yaeger dog? -The dog concept was intended as a "mascot" for the web site, who has sarcastic witty things to say at inappropriate times. He's named after a buddy of mine's dog.
Is it easy to make a web site? -Yes.
Will you help me? -No.
This is a beautifully artistic page. Are you gay? -No, but thanks for the compliment. You should see my early attempts!
What is your background regarding martial arts and combat? -I have been involved in martial arts since my childhood. I am also an infantry soldier in the United States Army, and have been involved with law enforcement training.
So that qualifies you to talk about combat? -No. Nobody is really "qualified" to talk about combat. This has nothing to do with my own abilities. No one is ever good enough, and we should always encourage each other to become better. Martial arts are perishable skills.
What is your style and rank? -I hate this question. Rank has very little to do with one's current martial ability. But for those who insist, my primary martial art is Combat Hapkido, and I am a second dan. I also have a background in Taekwondo, Muhando, Tang Soo Do, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and others.
Why are you so violent? -I am not violent at all. Martial artists are actually very self-controlled people. It so happens that one of the primary themes of this page is martial arts. And in martial arts the underlying theme is "discipline: self control".
But that "Combat Hapkido" sounds very violent: The name reflects that this particular style of Hapkido is designed and intended with self defense purposes in mind, rather than competition or beauty.
What is Hapkido? -Hapkido means "The way of dynamic energy" See the Hapkido page for more on this particular martial art.
Can I be a martial artist? -Yes. Everybody is a martial artist at some degree. Self Defense is built into you.
Other production notes: Recently I downloaded the "lost archives" of my original web page, which made me nostalgic for my college days. This new version of the web page will seek to integrate the old pages into the new material creating a comprehensive web site that is sure to haunt me for years. I've tried to annotate where I'm using old material. If I happen to be romantically involved with you... I ahh swear I don't know those people! (that's a joke - I'm not romantically involved with you).
Most graphics (like Yaeger the sarcastic dog, and pictures), have "tooltips" that pop up when you move the cursor over them.

Senseless Data involved with the production of this site:
Insults delivered: 46
Insults received: 92 (but who's counting... and I'm the bad one?)
Hours spent designing, producing and encoding: Lost count
People used as product testers, and opinion givers: 7
Number of those above that were somehow coerced, wooed, or blackmailed into participating: 6
Number of those that were irritated at some time: 4
Name of dude who popped in uninvited and always gave his opinion about site: &(#*& (We still don't know what his name is)
Number of testers that offered to be naked on site: 1
Uninvited lap dances: 1
Pushups for working on site during briefing: 70
Amount of pain inflicted as a direct result of taunting team leader: medium-low
System crashes: 3
Different versions of Yeager the sarcastic dog: 13
Other mascots considered: Barry the pineapple, Haji the terrorist, a bikini clad model, two different teddy bears.
Years www.kalimadragon.com has been active: 8
System used: HP Pavilion ze4400
Software: Netscape Composer 7.1,  Arc Soft Photo Impression 4, Corel Word Perfect 10, Internet Explorer 6
Special Thanks to:
My sniper buddies. I can't use their names, but they each put their input, whether requested or not into all the pages in this web site.

This page has been completely conceived and designed by myself and no others. It is intended to reflect my views and to provide a public insight of myself to the world. Graphics on these pages are either my creation, used without permission in good faith, or if unmodified, used with credit to their original owner. If you see something here that is yours or pertains to you and you wish it credited or removed email webmaster@kalimadragon.com. Any comments or suggestions should be forwarded to the same address. They will be responded promptly. This page has been created mainly with Netscape Composer 7.1 and is viewed best with the same or better.
Note: Because of the on going threat of operational security. This web site will not share any information deemed sensitive that might remotely pose a threat to our troops, the United States of America, allied countries, or innocent civilians in general. Information will be intentionally vague and misleading. Units will not be discussed at smaller than regimental size. Do not use this web site as a source for accurate information regarding anything military.