"If you approach this bench, I can't help you..."

-Something you should never hear from a judge

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From 100 meters, the C-130 Hercules transport/cargo plane looks like a big bug, 100 meters away, as it slowly moves on the runway, it's four propellers clawing at the air but the aircraft barely moving...

The light turns green and the airplane lurches and yaws to the right as paratroopers struggle to regain their balance. The stick begins to move, and I make a mental note to lock out my arm high. At the end of the line, I can hear the static lines striking home as the safety takes a line from each jumper. Next to him the door is open, roaring in its dark, cold air. I hand of the static line and step into the hole. It's like being thrown into a clothes dryer, as you freefall to the end of the static line in the wake of the slipstream. I feel the parachute open above me, and I look up to see the C-130 roar away above me. The moon is out and I'm way the hell up over the drop zone. "Exit good, canopy good, other jumpers good," I look down to establish direction of drift... straight for the FLA (military humvee ambulance). "you mother...., well at least the medics will be right there."

-Winter 06

The shepherd moves even closer, he is so close to our position that any movement would most certainly give our position away. The cammo netting rests on my head as I follow his movements with my eyes. He nonchalantly scans the hilltop with his eyes and his eyes suddenly stop. "He's seen something," I barely whisper to Luke as I slide the pistol off safe. The commo gear is camouflaged, but this close you almost need a miracle...

-The cold lands, Winter 05

The sea gives way to desert underneath us and I stare out the window without feeling anything. It doesn't affect me until the plane starts to descend, then I see an American outpost, underneath and to the right... sandbagged guard towers standing vigil against the burning sun. Then it hits me... as the runway rises up to meet me, and it all comes burning back to me. We hit the runway hard, and I automatically reach for my weapon. "Calm down," I smile at my own nerves. "You are still nowhere near the war.

-The sandbox, Fall 05

"This is going to hurt a little bit", he says. I see the steel instrument in his hand, as it snakes towards me. And I taste the rubber in his glove. To be honest, I feel more pain from his stretching of my lip, than I do of the steel penetrating underneath the nest of my tooth. He works it from various angles... and them becomes serious about it, rocking it from side to side. I can literally feel the tooth tear flesh as it is ripped and torn from my gums...

-Damn the dentist! Fall 04

"I think he fell asleep...." I hear her voice through the fog of my drowzyness, and I fight to clear my mind. We've been on the phone for about six hours now. And there is no sign of letting up.... not happening... not with her. I fight to formulate a sentence, and force my mind to isolate the cognitive thoughts that I know, beyond a doubt, are not affected by the delusions of a fatigued, delirious mind... God this girl!!!

-Losing the real war, Summer 04

"I lower my face so that the camouflaged boonie hat is level with the grass. He moves about three meters from me, and I can see his boots through the grass. I follow his eyes. From unfortunate experience, I know that he will betray himself if he sees me, and my hand readies on the weapon, ready to kill him as soon as his eyes give him away"
-During maneuvers, spring 04

Two gunshots recoil off in the dark to my left. My finger moves over the steel to the safety and I put slight pressure, until I feel the safety begin to move to 'fire'. I scan the darkness in front of me for any movement. In the moonless night, visibility is so poor, that even with the NODs, I can't see anything. A SAW opens up to my left. We burst through the door at the ready taking in any movement to the front. The grunts that came in right in front of us cleared the bottom floor and the occupants of the house are quarantined in a room. Typical sight; a huddled family with curious kids, upset mothers, and wanna be friendly dads. We charge up the stairs. The second floor has not been cleared, and I make a mental note to force my mind to concentrate on the door at the top of the stairs. As I dodge the myriad of objects on the stairs. I kick something over,  I force my eye to stay on the door where my laser dances... and it begins to open...
-Combat mission, Fall 03